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sounds cute :o

went through the notes and counted 47 reblogs so should be room still I think?



sorry if too late :d

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yeah, it sucks how asuras are stuck with male armor :<

Haha I actually think it’s really neat that the asura and charr are both so gender neutral with their armor because a lot of games fall into this unfortunate crap and it’s really refreshing!

But for Bustle specifically I actually want the impractical showy cheesecake armor :D Maximum sparkle maximum ridiculous.

Probably someday I will roll an Asura Bustle because vicious arrogant ankle biter race is too perfect to pass up.

aetherflow replied to your post: So I’ve got plans to make a human mesm…

dis one dulfy.net/wp-cont…

aw that one is cute, but I liked the way she looked in human cc best and human armor has a lot of skins that I’d like for her (lolol cheezcake)

so am going to go human and get this hair


So I’ve got plans to make a human mesmer GW2 version of Bustle even though I don’t need more

  • humans
  • mesmers
  • Bustles

and I’ve already decided I need to take the name from my thief for it and buy a makeover kit with gems and a bunch of other shit and this asshole is going to take over my GW2 gaming as well I can feel it and I just