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easorian replied to your post: Saw an OC meme that looked like fun so…



you should do one for each member of the ABP
basically just spend the rest of your days on tv tropes

leiansir replied to your post “Saw an OC meme that looked like fun so snagging it :d TV Tropes that…”

omg perfect

thank o vo

Also if you or really any of my mutual follows is interested I’d love to see your list(s) for your character(s) so idk consider yourselves tagged, if you want to.

Saw an OC meme that looked like fun so snagging it :d
TV Tropes that fit Bustle in some way, think I went over the original number but idk screw the rules

  1. Everything’s Better With Sparkles
  2. Kicking Ass In All Her Finery
  3. Tiny Tyrannical Girl / The Napoleon / Pint-Sized Powerhouse (look she’s fucking short ok)
  4. Broken Bird
  5. Lovable Alpha Bitch
  6. Sad Clown
  7. Inferiority Superiority Complex
  8. The Red Mage / Lady of Black Magic (though without the emphasis on, urm, composure; also, says in the description can have secondary healing and buffing skills but a focus on destructive magic which is accurate for songweavers imo)
  9. Obnoxious Snarker / Stepford Snarker
  10. Really Seven Hundred Years Old
  11. Extreme Omnisexual
  12. Jerk With A Heart Of Gold
  13. Gotta Kill Them All (an ongoing Roaring Rampage of Revenge?)
  14. Action Fashionista
  15. Smug Super
  16. Cluster F-Bomb
  17. Dangerously Short Skirt


Classes this week were boring. My sketchbook needed love.

I intend to draw more Tene friends and OCs soonsies.


I only recently reached 500 followers today, and while I do not usually put much weight on how many followers i gain/lose/whatever I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all who have shown interest in my work and (often inconsistent) blogging.

(I’d throw in a long emotional thank you message that would go on for a few more sentences but as always too awkward and no idea how to write stuff ; ; sorry, thank you to all followers who stayed to read this post!)

I guess this is a good chance to do an art giveaway, considering I haven’t done any giveaways since this blog was made :)

✦ Rules 

  • You do not have to be following me.
  • All notes count as entries(likes, reblogs, comments) - try not to spam your dashboard too much though!
  • You may reblog as many times as you like.

There will be 3 winners(random selection), who will all receive the same prize : a fanart or screenshot edit of a character of your choice.

All fandoms are welcome, though some games I may not be able to edit screenshots of due to the difference in graphics.

I do not draw furries, or themes that convey hateful/controversial messages. NSFW/guro is ok(it will be posted on my nsfw sideblog)

✦ The giveaway ends at September 30th, and winners will be announced the next day.

That’s about it, go crazy! 8D ❤❤

<3 <3 <3


Probably my favorite part of playing a thief, this little number right here :d

the majesty