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(Art in the sidebar by the fabulous Yraeli)

She has to crane her head up to talk to a lot of people because SHORT

idk doodling my favorite poophead

Thief is now a sparkly pastel magical girl thief! Got a makeover kit the other day and finally stuck the lovestruck weapons easorian-gw2 got me on for max cute.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - extended version of the music from the 'Lead Them or Fall' trailer


Art: “Sunrise” by Matt Rhodes, Lead Concept Artist.


Caithe: Once we fought together as one. Myself, Rytlock, Logan, Eir and her wolf, Snaff and his apprentice. We called ourselves Destiny’s Edge. We were the best the world had seen. We fought dragon minions from the Sea of Sorrows to the Crystal Desert. We encountered Glint. She was a legendary creature that served Kralkatorrik, the crystal dragon, until she betrayed her master. Kralkatorrik awoke, and flew south to slay its traitorous lieutenant, leaving devastation in its wake. We stood beside Glint, ready to face an Elder Dragon, but Logan was suddenly called away. We were weakened, but Eir thought we could still stand and fight. Eir was incorrect. We were defeated. Kralkatorrik killed Glint. We lost Snaff as well.